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Is the Bench Press Necessary for Bodybuilders?

You may feel conflicted as a lifter between wanting to add as much muscle to your frame and weight onto the bar. These two elements are only correlated as a beginner when you are going from no stimulus to some. But when you reach a point progress stalls and you feel worn out by the same lifts over and over and want something new in your program, you may want to replace certain "necessary" lifts like the bench. If you're at a point where you're sure you don't want to chase the big three and instead want to focus on putting on size doing movements you like, it's okay to exchange the bench press for another similar lift. There Are No Necessary Exercises, Only Necessary Movement Patterns I believe there is a line where a good intention in movement turns to overreliance in specificity, which in turn becomes a dogmatism of exercise selection and hierarchy. This can mislead new lifters into overly minimalistic programs without leaving them room to discover what lifts
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5 Best Exercises to Blow Up Pull-up Strength

Pull-ups. We all wish we could do one right. You may feel stuck or not know where to start with learning pull-ups. If you don't have a lifting program yet, I recommend you make one or find one you like. Also, check out this excellent guide to pull-up progression. A pull-up uses muscles like the upper back, lats and biceps. It requires forearm and upper back strength. Therefore, the best exercises to increase pull ups are grip exercises like the dead hang or scapula pull, and lat strength exercises like lat pull-downs and snatch grip deadlift. Vertical Push Vs. Pulls A vertical push is a movement where you press a weight mostly in the vertical plane, whether it's away and down from you (dip), or above and away from you (handstand push up/overhead press). Vertical push movements recruit pushing muscles such as the chest, anterior deltoids, and triceps. Such movements factor in some kind of elbow extension. A vertical push opposes the vertical pull. A vertical pull is a pull in th

How to Build Biceps From Rows (Guide to Horizontal Pulls)

Rows are a non-negotiable staple in any proper training plan. While both horizontal and vertical pulls are important, in most programs, horizontal pulls usually take importance over vertical pulls since they counteract the bench press or main horizontal push. While some people might structure their program in a way that places an overhead or vertical push first, I find it more optimal to train bench first twice a week in an upper/lower format, since you're more primed to move heavier weight. Since rows counteract the horizontal push, they use opposite muscle groups that stabilize the push, like the lats, rhomboids, rear deltoids and biceps. This makes rows fantastic for indirect bicep work, as they move more weight than isolation exercises. Although, there are some rows that will place more stress on the bicep relative to the average row. Exercises like the supinated inverted row, supinated grip kettlebell row, and the supinated bent over row. What Muscles do Rows Work? Just note I

Can The Bench Press Cause a Hernia?

Whether you're a borderline hypochondriac or are genuinely at risk for a hernia, I hope you find what you're looking for in this write up. If you're eating well and keeping up with an exercise routine, the chances of a heavy bench press causing a hernia are pretty low. Most people with a healthy weight shouldn't worry about getting a hernia from lifting. However, if you know you are at risk, it's complicated. Proceed with extra caution. Strengthen your abdominals through non straining exercise (don't hold your breath but inhale and exhale with the movement.) What Is A Hernia? First, please remember, I'm not a medical professional by any means. I'm just trying to present some information about whether exercises like the bench press can aggravate a hernia. I'll link to some more complete sources below if you're interested.  With that out of the way, there are several kinds of hernia. Some of the most common: Inguinal Hernia The most frequent type o

Will Bench Press Get Rid of Man Boobs?

Most overweight people have had hurtful comments thrown at them related to their extra chest fat. It gets old, quick. That may be why you are here. An insecurity about your chest. And I just want to throw a disclaimer that I'm not trying to be insulting with the phrase "man boobs" or "moobs" I just don't know what else to use. Though, you're specifically wondering if the bench press is enough to get rid of all your chest fat. No. The flat bench won't get rid of man boobs because it doesn't isolate enough chest fibers and there's no variation for the upper chest. It's wonderful for building strength, which will increase progression in more specific chest accessories like flies and dips. Progressing in those accessories, along with the bench in a smart program with a calorie deficit is key to combating chest fat. Do I Have Gynecomastia? There are ‌two kinds of “man boobs” or that uncomfortable extra bit of fat on your chest that keeps you p